Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First (& second) day of school--2013!

Well this is the year that each of my kids will be in school ALL day!
Also, this is the year that Baylee starts Junior High!  Wow!  Lots of changes this's weird, but good:)
Here is Bay on the first day of Junior High!
She looks super COOL & cute, of course!

Kyler starts 5th grade & he is just growing up a lot!
Love him:)

Elle is going to the 1st grade...all day long:(
She is so excited!  I will miss my sweet Elle!

Every school year we take pics of the neighbor kids all going to school together.  I love to watch them all grow & change year to year:)

 Kyler is now 'in charge' of Elle at the elementary school.  He is a really good big brother to her!
Love, love, love:)
Seriously, Kyler's hair!

Love these two!  I will miss them...but excited for them to learn new things this year:)

Walking to school...I love that the school is right across the street!

Second day of school & picture day for Baylee...she is SO beautiful!

Second day of school for Ky & Elle too!  So far so good:)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer fun!!!

We sure had a busy July & August this summer!  Lots of dance & soccer, of course, but we also had cousins & grandparents coming from back east to visit too!
A new addition was added to the extended family at the end of July...Crystal & Scott had their baby & it was a boy!  Here is Elle holding Jax!
 We had lots of fun with the cousins from New York!
Here is Izzy playing on the playground at the pond:)

Abby & Kyler just hanging out!
 Swinging with Koby!

Feeding the ducks.

Playing at the splash pad too!

At the snow shack--yum!

Matt & Chaden sharing their HUGE snow cone!  Ha!

The cousins actually left this day & it was my birthday so we decided to go check out the new Provo Recreation center & the pools!  It was a blast!  Here is everyone climbing the rock wall before we went in to swim.

Happy Birthday to me!  The big 35:)  Baylee made my cake & we just had a little party at the end of the day with my dad coming over for cake & icecream!  It was a great day & a wonderful summer with my family!  

Can't wait for next the kids ALL go back to school!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Best of Bear Lake--2013!

Yahoo for summer & Bear Lake time!
Enjoy pics of our time at the lake this summer:)
Elle loves to swim, of course!
The lake this year was super warm that the kids just stayed down at the lake most of the time & swam, played in the mud, swam, etc.  It was great!

Elle even tried skiing this year!  Good job Elle!

Kyler seriously ROCKED the wakeboard!  He got right up with dads help & then got up all by himself & rode for a long time!  He's a natural!

My dad is still a pro skier at 60+ years old!  Amazing!

Yep, I'm the best two-skier you've ever seen:)  I love the knee-board too!

Baylee is a knee-boarder & she is a natural at it too!

Chaden, of course, shows us how it's done on the wakeboard!

What a beautiful summer at the lake this year!  We got some super great memories & had a wonderful time each time we went!  Until next year Bear Lake:)