Saturday, September 7, 2013

Best of Bear Lake--2013!

Yahoo for summer & Bear Lake time!
Enjoy pics of our time at the lake this summer:)
Elle loves to swim, of course!
The lake this year was super warm that the kids just stayed down at the lake most of the time & swam, played in the mud, swam, etc.  It was great!

Elle even tried skiing this year!  Good job Elle!

Kyler seriously ROCKED the wakeboard!  He got right up with dads help & then got up all by himself & rode for a long time!  He's a natural!

My dad is still a pro skier at 60+ years old!  Amazing!

Yep, I'm the best two-skier you've ever seen:)  I love the knee-board too!

Baylee is a knee-boarder & she is a natural at it too!

Chaden, of course, shows us how it's done on the wakeboard!

What a beautiful summer at the lake this year!  We got some super great memories & had a wonderful time each time we went!  Until next year Bear Lake:)