Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012!

We had a SUPER Halloween this year!  The kids were able to wear their costumes to school this year & not have to bring them & change into them just for the parade.  So the kids were all ready right in the morning!  They sure looked good!
Kyler was a Storm Trooper!

Baylee was a Zombie!  Scaaaary!

Elle was a PERFECT little Super Girl!
She looked ADORABLE & got SO many compliments on her costume!  Here she is in the parade passing me by.  I was just glad the shot came through because she looks so happy &, of course, BEAUTIFUL!  I just love this girl:)
Baylee with her friends in the parade.  Super cute girls!
Kyler passing me by in the parade too.  Can you see him?
Well he looked COOL!

Elle was WAY into trick-or-treating this year & she ran her little heart out going door to door & house after house...after an hour of that she said she was done & 'no more candy'!  Ha!
Here she is with her cute little friend 'cowgirl' Brooke:)
I LOVE decorating for Halloween--especially on my fireplace.  Here is a shot of my Halloween living room...until next year:)


PJ - Our life said...

Super cute!!

The Denning 6 said...

782Marci, you guys look so stinkin cute:) Chaden as usual, totally cracked me up in most of the pictures with his "chaden"facial expressions! LOL! We miss you all so much! Great Halloween costumes! Love you all!