Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random stuff!

Love this pic of Elle in her FUNKY, purple glasses!  So cute!  She totally has her dads' lips:)
 Baylee got all 'E's in school so far this year & so I finally took her to get her free yogurt!  Nice job in school Bay!!!  So proud of her:)
Cutest pic of sweet friend & neighbor finally had her twins & this is a pic of Baylee holding the baby girl, Jordyn.  They are ADORABLE babies!
 Lately all Elle wants her hair in for school is CURLERS!  They definitely take some time to do, but she looks AMAZING everyday for school:)

Seriously? SERIOUSLY!  Elle is the 'ham' of our household, the 'thesbian', the 'crack-up', the little 'actress'!  She picked out a toy from the dentist visit we had & I had no idea this is what she picked.  She tells me to turn around so I can see her toy & this is what I see!  I almost had to pull over in the car I was laughing so hard!  I handed the camera to Bay & she took these HILARIOUS pics!
I 'mush-tache' you to try not to laugh at these pics!  Ha!!


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