Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring far!


Well it is our Spring Break for this week & we've had the whole week planned out pretty much, because we were just hanging out at home for the time off. We decided the very first thing we would do was go ice-skating. The kids have never gone I thought it would be fun. Elle really didn't want to go because she was scared, but ended up loving it since they had these cool little walkers for her! We went to the ice arena at Seven Peaks & we had a blast...for the first 40 minutes!

Well after about 40 min. into skating I hear Kyler's blood-curdling scream & see him lying down on the ice holding his chin. I slid over to him & the first thing he says was 'I think I broke my jaw!' I look inside his mouth & see no blood whatsoever & I was so relieved until we start walking off the ice & I saw a trail of blood-drops behind us & that was when I noticed the cut under his chin. I took him into the bathroom & got some tissue; when the blood was washed away I could see the cut & I just thought to myself--I don't think a bandaid will fix this. So we got ready to leave & I called Chaden cuz I wasn't sure if I should take him to the hospital or the Dr.'s office. He called the Dr. & they said they would get ready for us to come. We get to the Dr.'s & they took us right in & he said he would need a couple of stitches...that it wasn't too deep, but it was pretty wide. I had the girls go play out in the playroom while I stayed & comforted Ky. I was doing o.k., I watched them stick a needle in his chin right next to the cut & started watching the Dr. stitch up his chin. That was when I felt my eyes start rolling in back of my head & everything clouding up. I couldn't believe I was getting sick & nauseous! I said I needed to sit down & the nurse got me some water. FIVE stitches later Ky was fine, I barely made it out of the Dr.'s, and that was the first day of our Spring Break! Lots of fun! So the next day was definitely more low-key. Just so everybody knows, Kyler is almost 8 yrs. old & he has never had to go to the Dr.'s for something like that...never had a broken bone or anything. That's pretty good for an 8 yr. old boy. I, myself, have never seen my child get injured that bad before (I know it was just stitches), so I hope this is the first & last because I obviously can't handle something like that. Anyway, we decorated Easter egg cartons to put our 12 eggs in for the 12 days of Easter & that was all we did the following day!
We just got back from 'Hop' the movie for our 3rd day of Spring Break! No injuries sinced Monday! Phew! Hope everyone elses Spring Break doesn't have as much drama as mine already has!

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Kerri Johnson said...

Sounds so eventful compared to our break. Ouch, his poor chin...and that is exactly what I would have done--pass out. That is funny that you got woosy! Hope the rest of the break was fun!