Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elle's Preschool Graduation!

I am a bit behind, but I am finally putting up Elle's Preschool Graduation pics.  This is Elle's last year of Preschool & she is heading to Kindergarten.  I can't believe it--my last one is getting older & moving up!  We have been with 'Little Steps Preschool'--Teacher Carrie & Teacher Joan since Baylee was in her last year of Preschool...so for about 7 years!  We have loved this Preschool & the sweet, amazing teachers!

So Elle was SUPER excited to go to the graduation program & sing the songs & give her teachers her gifts...

...but when we got there she got scared & didn't want to go up & sit on the chairs.  I, of course, made her go up there & she just cried & cried!  It was so sad--but these pics are kinda funny:)

After her teacher came & talked with her & made her feel all better she stopped crying & was happy--thank heavens for that!

Elle did great & got some fun stuff from her teachers & from Mom & Dad for graduating.  Grandma even came to watch.  I, of course, got a little teary-eyed during the program because I couldn't help but think about how lucky we are to still have Elle here with us & to watch her do things like this.
We sure do love our Elle!

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