Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beginning of our Summer 2012!

Well Baylee had her dance tryouts at the end of the school she is with the fun girls that she did the tryouts with.  She was so excited to tryout this year because she really wanted to make Jazz Club...

...and we finally found out the day school got out that Baylee made Junior Jazz Club!  She was SO excited but mostly because her sweet friends from the past team (All Stars) had made it too!  Yahoo!
Here she is with her letter in the mail congratulating her on making Jr. Jazz Club.  The kids' summer has started off slow & relaxing...they made some tie-dye shirts, Baylee cut her hair, & Baylee is learning how to sew her own doll clothes!  Super Fun!

Kyler's Raingutter Rigada!
Kyler had his first Raingutter Rigada & he made a cool 'Real Salt Lake Soccer' boat!  He also moved up from a cub scout to a bear & he got to pin another pin on me!  It's so fun having a boy because I never had brothers & have never been to stuff like this.  It's fun to watch Kyler do it:)

Well, another little bit of summer fun is getting together with cousins & I will never turn down a time to watch my sweet niece Katy!  She is adorable & the kids (especially Elle) love her!  Ty is pretty fun too:)  Katy loves to suck on her toes--hilarious!!

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