Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kyler's 9th birthday!

Kyler is officially 9 years old now!  Crazy!  We did the usual birthday presents in the morning & Kyler got some cool presents...legos, of course, Tron movie, treats, truck, & a brand spankin' new, pretty awesome bike!

 It was his year for a birthday party with friends so he invited 10 crazy, fun boys to the Lehi Xtreme Air Sports place.  They had a blast jumping, climbing, & flying for an hour & a half, then we had cake & icecream & opened presents!  It was a success & very tiring too.  

We were so tired that of course we didn't want to cook, so we used Ky's free meal to Wingers & ate out there!  Happy Birthday Kyler, my boy!  We love you!

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