Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day gift for my dad!

This is definitely a picture overload...but I just couldn't break it down:)  My sister's & I decided to get together for a photo shoot with our wedding dresses on to take some pictures of us to give to our dad for Father's Day this year!  It was SO fun & I LOVE all the pictures we got!  These are just some of my fav's...but really I love them ALL & we got a ton.  I just loved doing this with my sister's & doing it for my AMAZING dad...both of which I don't know what I would do without them in my life!

This picture below is the one we decided to enlarge & frame for my dad to hang in his house.

Fun, beautiful, pictures & now a wonderful memory!


Deena said...

What an AMAZING idea!!! STUNNING pictures...LOVE them!

jmbiglerfam said...

That WAS such a fun day! Thanks for posting these, Marci. I can't wait to order mine and display them in my home!

Shane and Krystal Skaar said...

These are SO cute!! I was just telling my sisters a couple of months ago that we needed to do this. I love it!!

Luana said...

WOW! Those are so great and I am totally impressed that you girls can still fit into your wedding dresses! Say hi to Chuck for me. He will always be Chuck to our family! :-)