Monday, August 6, 2012

Our AMAZING summer trip to the Poconos!!


We started our summer vacation flying in to New York & staying at Jen & Matt's house for 2 days!  Baylee was SO excited to see her best cousin, Abby & WOW did they have a fabulous reunion.  We spent the whole 1st day at the Dennings' in their amazing swimming pool!  It was a BLAST!
My kids have always loved the water & have been excellent swimmers so it was great to just hang out & play in the pool!

Chaden sure had fun too--especially on the diving board doing 'watermelons'!

 Lots of FUN!

 Such cute girls! 

 After spending a couple days in New York we drove to Pennsylvania & met the rest of the family in the Poconos.  We got to choose our rooms & the girls' were excited to be able to stay together!  Once we got settled into the house all we did was play from then the beach right down the steps of the deck, picking leap-pad flowers from the lake...

 Making tie-dye shirts & cooking marshmellows.

 We took a day to go on a hike & check out the GORGEOUS mountains of Pocono!  It was beautiful & the hike was perfect for the kids to do--a fun day out of the house!

When we got back it was time four our hula-hoop contest!  The kids & adults have been practicing since we arrived & let me just say, we have some pretty good hula-hoopers in the family! (I'm definitely NOT one of them!)
Mitchell won the kids' contest, with Baylee at a close 2nd!

Stacy sweept the ladies contest!

Chaden won the mens'!  Yahoo!

I won my own bubble-gum blowing contest!  Ha!

Looking cool in the tie-dye shirts they made!

Love those colors girls!

It was so great to just go out on the canoe & the rowboat whenever we wanted!

 Playing down on the beach! The favorite thing the kids loved to do!

After playing down at the beach the kids would come up & sit in the hot tub.  Beach, hot tub, beach, hot tub...all day long, everyday!  Loved it!

 I just LOVED watching the kids play, reading my book, & just relaxing this whole trip!

 Ready for family pictures!  ADORABLE!

 Baylee turned 11 on our summer trip & she loved being able to celebrate in the Poconos!  We had a little party for her all day on her special day.

 Opening presents from everyone!  Thanks!
(I LOVE this pic of Bay & Grandma!)

Swimming in the community FREEZING cold pool!

Go out to dinner with EVERYONE & we survived!

 Cake time & blowing out candles!

 Can't believe I have an 11 year old!  Happy Birthday Baylee!


Going out on the paddle-boat--my favorite!

 The kids loved to go out on the boats!!  SO much fun!!!

Chaden found some good rest & here are my 'girls' in the matching little sundresses I made them for the trip!  Super cute! 

  More pics before our family pictures all together (which I will post next)!

Seriously--this was one of the best vacations I've had!  It was so much fun to be with everyone & for the kids to be able to play with their cousins they don't see that often!  Everyone was so great & we all just had great bonding time & I realized, once again, how lucky I am to have such GREAT in-laws!  Thanks everybody for making our summer vacation such an amazing time & now, a wonderful memory together!  We love you all!!!

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Wow! Looks like you guys had a super fun and relaxing time!!