Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hite Family Pictures 2012!

We were able to get family pictures all together while we were in the Poconos.  We really wanted to get pictures of everyone since we haven't been together like this before!  We sure got alot of pictures...some great, some not so great, & plenty of fun ones!  Enjoy!

The Denning Family

Matt & Jen

The Hite Family

The (extended) Hite Family

 Funny pic!

 All the kids with Great Grandma Hendershot

 Wayne & Cheryl

 The Mitchell Family

Hite Family

 The Cramer Family

Dan & Stacy 

Denning girls!

Denning Family

 Hite girls!

Hite Family

The couples!

 The original Hite Family!

 Sibling couples!


Super cute!

 Love these pics:)

With Grandma Hendershot

 Excuse you:) Ha!

 Love these pics of Abby & Bay! They really wanted some camera time!

Mitchell Family with Grammie


Best cousins forever!

Thanks to Stacy for bringing her camera & getting the pictures together! Memories forever now!

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