Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School! 2012-2013

Here we go! It's back to school for the kids! I have to say, this summer really did go by pretty fast. We had a great summer & I enjoyed having the kids home. We did some fun trips, birthdays, soccer & dance, lazy days at home & it was ALL great! Close to the end of the summer they did start to fight more which meant it was time to get back to school:)
Here is Baylee & Kyler ready & stylin' for their first day.

Kyler is 'The Bomb'! I love that shirt on him--it is so Kyler! He is going to 4th grade this year & he sure is turning out to be a SUPER fun & SUPER handsome little guy:)

 Baylee is going in to 6th grade this year & her last year at the elementary school:(
I still think she's younger than she is, but she sure is a very sweet & beautiful girl!
 All the neighbor kids ready for the first day! Everyone is SO grown up!

Off they go:)
Bay & Ky both came home from a great 1st day of school! They loved it! They love their teachers & all their friends & just had a fun day! Yahoo!

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jmbiglerfam said...

WOW!! I can't believe the individual shot of Baylee and Kyler! They DO look so grown up, and handsome and beautiful.