Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Miss Salem Pageant!

Baylee really wanted to do the 'Little Miss Salem' Pageant this year for Salem Days. She had her dance solo all ready & a dress too, so we decided to do it.  She loved it & had a BLAST! She enjoyed being with the other girls in her group that were competing & just had a lot of fun.

Here she is getting ready for her dance solo--which she did AMAZING at! She hit every tumbling move; like her ariel, valdez, front & back walkovers. She performed it SO good & I just love to watch her on the stage when she dances:)  Here she is also in her dress that she modeled on stage & answered the question...she was a little bit shy on this part, but looked BEAUTIFUL!

 She ended up winning 2nd Attendant & she was super excited! What a bunch of cute, talented girls!

Of course, the grandparents came to cheer her on, as usual:) 

Here we are with our beautiful--growing up too fast--baby girl:)

 Here she is with Ky & Elle! Love my sweet kids:)

 And we finished off the night with delicious ice-cream at 'Maddi Rocks'!

Great job Bay!  We love you & are SO proud of you!

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PJ - Our life said...

Way to go Baylee! Congrats!!