Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chaden's Birthday--35!!!

Chaden turns 35 this year!  We had a little get together with his sister & celebrated their birthdays together.  Crystal turned the big 30 this year:)  She is getting up there!  Ha!  Anyways, Chaden & Crystal's birthday's are a day apart (Dec. 12th & 13th)--so we always try & celebrate together. 
Here are so fun, HILARIOUS, & cute pics of them.
Blowing out the candles...
They did it! High five! Chaden is crazy...
Sister & brother...cute pic!
I decided to do a little surprise for Chaden on his EXACT birthday this year. It was on a Wednesday so I think that helped in him having no clue...but I met him up at his work & we were supposed to be taking Ky to a doctor's appt., but instead it was just me.  He was surprised for sure when he saw me at his work & Ky wasn't with me. We headed up to Salt Lake & I had a hotel to stay over in, walked around to see the lights at Temple Square, had dinner, enjoyed a movie, slept over, & ate a yummy breakfast together before I took him back to work.  It was wonderful! 
Here is a pic of us at City Creek Center in Salt Lake City!
This is the day after Chaden's birthday...we had an 'Ugly Sweater' party with a bunch of friends & this is what we wore.  Needless to say we didn't win...not even close-I got 1 vote, but we sure had a fun time:)

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