Thursday, February 28, 2013

Elle's Birth-Day weekend!

It has been ONE WHOLE YEAR since my life totally changed & was flipped upside down!  I had been sort-of dreading this weekend for a while because, lo & behold, we were about to do the exact same thing we were doing last year when Elle fell--a dance competition!  Baylee had a dance competition, again, on Elle's birthday this year (thank heavens it wasn't at the same place that Elle actually fell though) & I was going to be there, with Elle & Baylee, by myself--again!  At least Chaden was in town this time, but we had to split up because Kyler had soccer games all day that day too.  The joys & craziness of being busy parents!  Anyways, thoughts of last year ran through my mind the whole weekend & I had anxiety basically the whole time until Chaden & Kyler met us up there.  It was amazing to me how many people also remembered last year too & came up to Elle to wish her a 'Happy Birthday' while we watched Bay dance.  It is SO hard living with this fear of 'things' that could happen on a day-to-day basis & I wanted to not go to the dance competition & stay safely in my home with Elle on the couch right beside me...but then I would be missing my favorite thing--watching Baylee dance!  I was torn & had fear of something similar or even worse happening to my Elle, but I prayed & prayed & prayed...& Elle was EXTREMELY good for me that day!  She sat with me & we watched Baylee dance (& others dance) all day on her birthday!  I was blessed to have her there with me & enjoy the company of her ALL weekend:) 
I felt bad we would be spending Elle's 6th birthday at a dance competition & not doing birthday stuff, but Elle was SUPER excited to be at the hotel, to stay over night, & of course to SWIM! We had the swimming pool & hot tub all to ourselves--I'd say that's a pretty great birthday for our little 'fish'!
While Baylee took classes, Elle & I hung out in the hotel room & colored, read, watched movies, played, & just enjoyed the time together.  I really felt the joy of having her still in my life during this time we had:)

I set up her birthday stuff in the hotel room so she could still have a little birthday celebration!

I had her wear this 'Happy Birthday' crown all day & everybody came up to her to wish her a happy birthday.  Here she is at breakfast in the hotel!
 I let her open a few presents before Ky & Chaden got she could have something to play with throughout the day:)

And so she did bring her new colorings to the competition & colored!  We made it through the one-year anniversery without any accidents...Phew & Yahoo!
Happy, Happy Birthday Elle!  I love you so much!

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