Thursday, February 28, 2013

Welcome to my Tea Party!

Elle's 'special' cupcake she picked out from 'The Sweet Tooth Fairy' bake-shop!  Junior Mint flavor--yummy!
 Who wants some tea?  (it's really just lemonade:)

Fun friends...with their tea hats & gloves on:)

 Having tea at the table...we learned some tea party 'etiquette', manners, funny words, & funny voices to talk in at our tea party...'darling'!
 This was Elle's fancy way of drinking the tea...pinkie finger up & other hand flipped!

Love my little Macie girl...I have babysat her since she was born!  Great neighbor friends:)

Blowing out the candle on her cupcake!
 Playing know, cuz that's what you do at a tea party:)

The 'Tea Party Runway'!  This was SO much fun...the girls all walked down the runway & showed their stuff, posed, & danced!  Hilarious! (All my pics were blurry so I didn't put them all on here.)

Ready for presents...

Thank-you for coming to my tea party!  Super fun!!!  Until next year!  Happy 6th Birthday Elle!


J DeGraffenried said...

Major catch up! This is what I need to do! Looks like Elle had a fabulous birthday weekend!

jmbiglerfam said...

This post was sooo fun to read and see! I wish I were invited to the Par-Tea. And I wish I had a girl! Making a shark cake is a lot less fun that planning a tea party I'm sure!