Wednesday, April 10, 2013

San Diego Zoo!

After Sea World we headed over to the San Diego Zoo the next day!  It was a perfect day for walking around at the zoo!
 Here are the kids ready to go see all the animals!

 Of course we took a ton of pictures of all the animals, but I didn't want to put all of them on I chose a few favs.  This monkey was so cute!  It seriously just hung out right in front of us on the the cage & let us take pictures of it...if only the bars weren't there!

It was a great time of year to go to the zoo because of all the baby animals there.  They even had adorable baby cheetahs...although I thought they looked pretty big.  Here is one of them; such beautiful animals!
 This was so cool to see!  This momma was teaching her little baby how to fight or was so cute, we just sat & watched for a while.
 Baylee's fav are the zebras...& I really love how their stripes follow into their mane on top.  It's just gorgeous!

Love the monkeys, of course!  This is a chimpanzee!

We definitely didn't last as long at the zoo as we did at Sea World, but we still loved seeing all the animals & it was nice to come back to the hotel a little earlier in the afternoon so we could swim!
What a GREAT time we had together & we sure created some wonderful memories I know the kids will remember for a long time!
We never do anything over Spring Break usually, so this was just so awesome that we were able to do this little mini vacation!  I feel so blessed to be able to let my kids experiance something like this!

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J DeGraffenried said...

Super fun! Baylee was telling us about it on the way to dance. Looks like you all had a blast!