Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break 2013!

Well we started off the first part of Spring Break just chillin' at home & hanging out with friends...
Here we are at the Salem Pond.  We walked there, played, walked to the gas station, got a snack, & walked home.  The kids each brought a friend & it was a fun day!

The next morning, early 4am, we woke the kids up & kidnapped them into the car!  They kept asking where we were going & saying that they were tired, but we just drove...& drove, & drove.  Elle was tired:)
We finally stopped for breakfast in St. George & surprised the kids & told them where we were going!  SeaWorld & San Diego Zoo!  They were SUPER excited!  Love this pic!

 At the hotel ready for SeaWorld!

Baylee won a cute stuffed dolphin for Elle--she loved it!

Standing by the whale tanks...the kids thought the whales were AMAZING!

There was a new baby whale there & she was SO cute!

 Here we are waiting for the Shamu show--which was INCREDIBLE! 
We saw the dolphin show too & it was AMAZING as well...Kyler kept saying to me 'Mom, this is a REAL show!"

We were able to ride some pretty fun & scary rides...but Elle couldn't go on them, so we went to the kids section & let her ride some of her rides!  Fun stuff!

The kids were so happy & it was so great to see how much they enjoyed it!

In the underground Shark Tanks--oohh!

Elle touched the bat rays & was so proud of herself!

 Kyler's cool mohawk hat he bought with his money--it lights up too!  We stayed ALL day at Sea World...from 9am-8:30pm!  We ended the day with a fun 'Shamu Rocks' light show--so much fun & wonderful memories!!!

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jmbiglerfam said...

HOW FUN! I had such a fun time just looking at the pictures so you guys must have had a BLAST!