Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ky turns 10--double digits!

Kyler is now in the double digits...10 years old!  Wow...the kids are growing up too fast:(
Ky just had a regular birthday year this year, which means no friend party this time, & good thing because he wasn't feeling the greatest on his birthday:( 
 Here he is with his birthday stash!
New shoes...cuz he wears his out every 4-5 months!

He's been wanting a snorkel set for swimming:)
Remote control helicopter!

A fun raft to go fishing in & swimming with at the pond or Bear Lake or camping!

Ky started swimming lessons on his birthday & we planned on swimming at the pool after so he brought his new snorkel...we first had to drive Bay all the way up to Orem & back & when I looked back at him he was just wearing it like this the whole ride!  It cracked me up!  Such a funny boy:)
Brick Oven was his choice for dinner out!


Birthday cake late at the end of a long, busy day!

And one last present from dad...a much wanted fishing pole!
Happy, happy 10th birthday bud...we sure love you a lot!

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