Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pinewood Derby time!

Kyler had a WAY better year this time at the Pinewood derby!  Last year his wheel fell off, he never won a race, & we had to use my gum to stick the wheel back on in the end.  This year he worked on it earlier, got his design how he wanted it, & worked with dad on it more!  And it was a success!
He won every single race, except one!  His car didn't fall apart & it looked awesome!
Here he is with his best friend Tyler!  Kyler & Tyler...cute boys!

Ky & his winning car!

There was a dad's race this year & it was hilarious!  One of the dads' car had fireworks attatched to it, another one was from when that dad did his first Pinewood derby, & Chaden's had turbo-boosters attatched to it!  Obviously there were no rules or weight limits on the dad's race...

Kyler won the 'Coolest Design' award & 5th place overall...out of 18 cars!  Nice job Ky!

Chaden won 2nd place in the Dad's race & a lot of attention on his car:)

What a fun thing to do & experience as a boy scout!  I love it & I love seeing how much Ky enjoys it!

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