Thursday, July 18, 2013

Singer's Company!

We decided to put Elle in a singing group this year because she LOVES to sing & perform!  This is Elle all ready for her end of year performance!  Adorable!

She was so happy her cousins were over to come watch her show:)

Gorgeous sisters...they sure are starting to look alike!

Always a 'pose' picture!

This is the REAL everyday Elle!  She is the 'ham' of the household for sure:)

Elle & her singing teacher Miss Izzy!

Grandpa even came to watch her performance at the mall.

A flower from Daddy, of course...Elle's favorite thing to get from her dad:)

Great job Elle!  She was super tired...probably because cousins had been over & there is never enough sleep involved when they are:)

All the 'Singer's Company' group!
Just to put my 'two cents' in here...I really did not like this program!  There was no discipline involved, no real singing lessons (just listen to the music & sing to it),  & no individual improvement at all!  It was really just a fun-time little singing group...which was exactly how it was advertised so I should've known.  Elle liked it o.k., but it totally was not worth the time!  I'm hoping to find solo lessons in the future:)

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