Thursday, July 18, 2013

Young Women camp--2013!

Baylee isn't 12 just yet, but she turns it soon so they let her go to Y.W.'s camp!  She was SO excited to go & couldn't wait!  I was sad, but happy too because I was going to come up to camp later to see her:)
Here she is ready to go!

 Camp Koholowo!  That's where I went to camp too!
Her bed...she got the bunk!

 As the Relief Society President I was asked to come up & teach some crafts to all the girls!  Here is my 2nd Counselor, Caralee Grace, helping out!
We had a fun time crafting & then just playing games with the girls!
Baylee was super excited I got to come:)
 We were invited to stay for dinner too!

 Baylee by the owl she made for 'Owl' be going there (the temple) someday! That was the theme!

Can't believe my girl is going to be in Young Womens!

Fun camp shirt she got!
Baylee sure had a fun time at camp but we were glad to have her back too!

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J DeGraffenried said...

She said she had a lot of fun!! So fun that you got to go up too!