Thursday, July 18, 2013


We are officially in the camping 'club' & were invited to go up Fairview Canyon with some neighbor-friends!  There is a long story on how we actually made it up there because it was SO steep, but we eventually got there & was SO glad we did!  Gorgeous camp-site, great company, & lots of fun!
Starting the fire for tin-foil dinner night!
 Four families...four trailers!
Taylors, Carlys, Guests, & Hites!
Such great families to hang out with!

I felt like I barely even saw my kids...they played with the other kids the whole time.
Kyler rode the four-wheelers non-stop & Baylee definitely had some good times on them too!

  The girls...just hanging out!
Me, Danielle, Crista, Whitney, & Abbie!

Baylee with Allie & their camping wreath they made:)

Chaden & I look really tan here, but it's because we just got done riding the 4-wheelers & our faces were caked with dirt!  Ha!

Playing 'monkey-in-the-middle'!  Very entertaining to watch:)

These girls just love Chaden!

 Watching a movie all together one of the nights:)
 Chaden & I riding on the 4-wheeler!
 Beautiful scenery & Kyler trying to catch some fish!

Seriously had the best time ever & really enjoyed this camping trip with all our good friends!!!

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