Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Baylee! 12 years old!

It was Baylee's year for a birthday party with her friends & so she chose to do a party night 'under the stars'.  It was a huge success & a ton of fun!  She has such cute & great friends that came & totally made her birthday a blast!
Here is the birthday invite I made!
 Fun decorations!  Chaden set up some lights too so when it got dark they shone bright like stars.
 Baylee wanted to do a music video dance for her birthday!  Here I am teaching everyone the dance...we put it on youtube under 'Baylee's Birthday Bash'.  It's pretty fun!

Here they are getting all dressed up silly for videoing.

After we finished the music video we had an icecream bar & cupcakes for a treat!  Yum!!

Birthday Girl! 

Silly girls:)

Yes we did get rained on but the girls made the best of it & of course played in the rain!

Present time!

Baylee got lots of $ from us for her main present because she of course wanted to go starts!  This was a fun idea I found for her to open the $!  She LOVED it!

 Blowing out her candle on the cupcake!

Bay had lots of games planned & they turned out super fun!
Here is the 'spin the nail polish bottle' game!

The 'pop the balloon game'!

 The 'tinfoil fashion' game!

After all the games the girls sat down to watch their music video that Chaden made!

Time for some night fun!  Glow sticks, fireworks, sparklers, & giggles!

All lined up to run down the street & back!

Baylee handing out her party favors!

Super cute & fun group of girls!  Thanks for coming!!!


J DeGraffenried said...

Such a fun night! Brack had a blast!

Wenni Donna said...

I think event locations like this are perfect. It gives a lot of space to kids for enjoying and playing. I simply loved everything about this post. The arrangement is breath-taking! Happy birthday to the little one. I can see everybody had a great time here. I also got some good ideas from this post for my daughter’s upcoming birthday celebration.