Thursday, February 28, 2013

More birthday stuff at the hotel...

Here's Elle just hanging out at the hotel...waiting, & waiting, & waiting for dad & Ky to get there so we could go swimming (again) & open more presents!

 Elle has been into wanting stuff from what she sees on TV--so she wanted this little ice-cream maker.  Daddy got it for her & it makes like 1/4 cup of icecream at a time & uses up tons of salt...but whatever, she likes it:) Ha! Kids!
 A little tea set, because she is having a 'Tea Party' with her friends for her birthday party this year:)

Birthday dinner out! Yum!

Classic 'Elle face'!
 And we couldn't exactly  make a cake at the hotel so the next day (Sunday) we did cake & had her blow out the candles!  Now next week is her 'Par-Tea' with her friends & I'm feeling like her birthday is being celebrated for 2 weeks straight!  Oh well--happy to do it:), but she might be a bit spoiled!

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